Electricity & Blockchain

Electricity- 61850 integrating Blockchain

Blockchain Roles, Remuneration and Requirements and General Information

Blockchain Specialist

A specialist has indepth knowledge of algorithms and thier functions used within blockchain environment. Insustry specific knowledge isn’t a must, but will provide an advantage. Apart from working with blockchains,  As a specialist you will need a qualifiction and experience in one of many developer / IT programmer roles. C++. Python, Java, HTML and many more.




GTR Engineering is excited to announce the inception of its I.T. and Blockchain Recruitment Division. The purpose to fill a growing demand in the market for I.T. professionals working within Blockchain projects, I.T. projects and other related fields.

We are able to offer complete blockchain solutions, from start to finish, including I.T. staff, Marketing staff and operational staff.


New Roles added to GTR skill bank:


Web Developers

Java Developers

Blockchain Specialists: 0X protocol, Hyperledger, Hashgraph, Ethereum based tokens, and various other blockchain and crypto tools.

C++ Programmers

Community Managers – Slack, Telegram, Discorse

Marketing Managers

Bounty Managers

Project Managers

CopyWriters / Journalists

As well as more senior level placements such as


CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Great care is taken in our selection process to ensure you get only the best candidates who have all received the GTR mark of approval. Email me on warren_rogers@gtr-uk.com, should you wish to discuss any of the above positions or if you would just like to find out more about blockchain and how it could stream line many of your current processes.



Blockchain interrogating with electricity is the inevitable future

Electricty & Blockchain is an inevitable integration

‘Blockchain in the Electricity Grid’  GTR’s target Audience is executives, managers and decision-makers from:

• Blockchain start-ups and application developers
• Electric utilities, TSOs and DSOs
• Regulatory and policy authorities
• Information and technology firms serving the electricity industry
• Smart grid solution providers and developers
• Renewable energy, distributed energy resources and micro-grid developers
• Asset management solution providers
• Electricity market management firms
• Investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms
• Energy industry consulting firms
• Law firms engaged in the energy industry
• Research and development organisations
• Technical institutes

61850 & Blockchain (Questions to be Answered)


First in Best dressed – is not always easy

There are so many questions to be answered GTR are here for  to assist in your integration process

What are the most promising use cases of blockchain in the electricity sector and what stage of development are these at?
electricity sector How fit are these applications for the existing markets?
How are they tackling competition from incumbent solutions?
What are the major roadblocks in their commercial adoption?
Policy and regulatory challenges What is the current state of regulations on use cases of blockchain in the electricity sector?
and developments What are the key regulatory issues or constraints? Can blockchain-based business models withstand these regulatory challenges?
What are the necessary regulatory actions needed to promote the large-scale deployment of blockchain applications?
What are the immediate priority areas that regulators/policy-makers need to focus on to support blockchain uses?
What role can utilities and developers play in shaping policy and regulations?

GTR To Attend –

Blockchain in the Electricity Grid, May 21, 2019


The prospects of integrating blockchain in the electricity grid are appealing. For the electricity industry, which is slowly moving towards a more decarbonised, digitalised and decentralised structure, blockchain promises greater automation, better data management, higher security and lower costs. Blockchain is expected to play an essential role in managing the complex grids of the future.

Blockchain business use cases for the energy industry are now advancing beyond the proof-of-concept stage and real-world projects are under way. The more publicised use cases centre on peer-to-peer electricity transactions and cryptocurrency-based electricity trading. However, blockchain offers many more possibilities including coordination in charging of electric vehicles and management of renewable energy certificates. For system operators, blockchain offers the potential of tapping into the “flexibility” of distributed energy resources for grid balancing services. Some of the progressive utilities are already moving from “watching this space” to “embracing this digital transformation” and are implementing grid-level pilots. Technology enthusiasts are optimistic that blockchain-backed business models will become a reality over the next five years. Investors, including private equity and venture capital, are beginning to take notice of these developments.

European regulators and policy-makers are also taking steps to support the development and demonstration of new blockchain applications. The key stakeholders have already begun a cautious debate on the regulations, legislations and standards that may be required for new market structures and business models enabled by blockchain.

Global Transmission Report is organising its first conference on Blockchain in the Electricity Grid on May 21, 2019 at the Intercontinental Amstel, in Amsterdam. The conference will focus on the emerging applications, business use cases and regulations centered on blockchain in the electricity grid. It will bring together developers, network operators, utilities, technology experts, consultants, investors, regulators and research organisations exploring the future of blockchain in the electricity industry.

The conference will have focused sessions to present the emerging opportunities and use cases in the electricity industry, and analyse their implications on existing market structures. It will discuss whether these use cases can build sustainable and profitable business propositions, and provide investor perspective on financing. The conference will also assess network operators’ response to these developments and provide insights into their strategy, plans and projects. It will discuss regulatory and legal constraints and evaluate measures to address them. The event will also provide participants with ample networking opportunities to interact with the speakers, panellists and their peers, and develop contacts with potential customers, partners and collaborators.

61850 Commissioning Services

From short term to long term contracts, we ensure that all our Consultants are placed in contracts throughout the year. We are a growing company and we are also looking forward to bringing new contracting engineers on board. Our expertise lies in placing the right man for the job and we aim to deliver the highest quality commissioning on time.

We cover the following areas:

  • Technical Support
  • Installation and Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Application Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Blockchain Training

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Electricity & Blockchain

Electricity- 61850 integrating Blockchain

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